in an episode of reversals, Kucha loses Jeff because of Kimmi.

in an episode of reversals, Kucha loses Jeff–because of Kimmi.
The long-departed Kimmi affected last night’s Survivor 2 tribal council. Kimmi’s blabbing about Debb’s vote against Jeff caused him to be targeted and lose the tiebreaker (maybe confirming that the spoiler info was right). If only Kucha had known about the two votes against Jerri, she and Jeff would have tied in the tiebreaker with two votes each. Kucha is now vulnerable to an Ogakor attack, if Ogakor remains unified. Earlier, after the tribes merged–at a new campsite–they had a 10+ hour immunity challenge. Keith and Tina were left standing after all that time on perches in the water, and Tina gave up to protect Keith, who had three previous votes against him.