hack or not, CBS site was right about booted Survivor.

hack or not, CBS site was right about booted Survivor.
+ the latest: Tonight’s episode proved that the revealed information was correct: Greg got the axe. And a number of media organizations have picked up the story about the latest Survivor saga. The Associated Press and Boston.com detail the screw up/hack/whatever.

+ earlier: Someone has posted the revealing screen shots (possible spoilers there) of the CBS site before it went away. Plus, Inside.com talks to CBS about this latest screw-up, and a spokesperson suggests that it could be the work of hackers.

+ previously: As of around 2 p.m. CST, the CBS Survivor Web site is blank, following in apparent (accidental?) revelation of tonight’s expelled cast member. Is it the work of hackers or just another screw up? (spoiler text is not invisible anymore because the episode already aired on both coasts.)

Cub Barrett e.mails the details: “All I know is that five minutes ago we were on it and the headline was “Greg kicked off the Island” and talked about how Greg got the boot on “tonight’s” show. I’m wondering if they fucked up and posted it too early. … There was a photo of Greg at the top of the page. It said that members enjoyed Greg’s off-beat sense of humor, but that Greg had failed to form alliances with other members of the tribe. Because of this, he was up for grabs when voting came. The statement also quoted Greg saying that his time on the island was the most memorable experience he’d ever had and that he enjoyed his 24 (or was it 28?) days with the other survivors.”

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