Rob Cesternino on Survivor, spoilers, and RHAP’s origins

Survivor's Rob Cesternino, of Rob Has a Podcast

In February, Survivor will turn 30, and former Survivor contestant Rob Cesternino's podcast will turn five. This is no small achievement. Like blogs, podcasts are frequently created and quickly abandoned, and few reach the level of success of Rob Has a Podcast. As I discussed in part one of my interview with Rob, RHAP is very successful, thanks to … keep reading ▶

The Taste season 3 ends in the best way possible

The Taste mentors

Another season of The Taste has concluded, and like certain wines or Anderson Cooper, it keeps getting better with age. The finale featured a live studio audience of the contestants' friends and family who could witness Ludo's abuse in person, and came down to three men, the final two of whom were also in a separate competition to see whose deep V … keep reading ▶