9 of top 10 summer shows: reality TV

Reality TV is dominating on broadcast networks this summer, despite the presence of several high-profile scripted series. Last week, nine of the 10 most highly rated broadcast network telecasts among adults 18 to 49 were reality TV shows, which also comprised 13 of the top 25 programs for the week. Looking at overall ratings, four of the top 10, … keep reading ▶

Sharknado 2: watch it for the (reality TV) cameos

Sharks and the, Empire State Building, of course. (Photo by Syfy)

Last summer's social media phenomenon returns tonight when Syfy debuts Sharknado 2: The Second One at 9. The viewer-chosen subtitle tells you everything you need to know about its approach and seriousness. There is not a single thing in the movie that makes any sense, and any attempt to think about it critically will likely fail. That makes it … keep reading ▶