8 secrets about Wizard Wars’ magic

Wizard Wars' Shimshi

Syfy's Wizard Wars returned last night, and while it's still a fun show with impressive magic, season two did not get more transparent about the show's rules. How does the competition work? How much time do the magicians get to create magic and practice it? Why don't the judges get more specific in their critiques about flashes or other things they … keep reading ▶

Survivor’s Culpepper defends his disability claim

Survivor's Brad Culpepper on ABC News

Survivor Blood vs. Water cast member Brad Culpepper is defending himself against claims that he committed insurance fraud, and now Monica regrets asking her husband to go on the CBS show with her. Brad, who's known as "Culpepper" to Jeff Probst and "Fuck You Brad Culpepper" to the rest of us, and who previously defended himself against claims he … keep reading ▶

Anderson Cooper on The Mole and its future

The Mole host Anderson Cooper

More than a year ago, Anderson Cooper broke my heart. I was so crushed by what he said it's taken me 13 months to write about it. Yes, this has to do with The Mole. The competition series, which first debuted on ABC in 2001, remains one of my absolutely favorite reality series. I rewatch it occasionally, and revel in how it still holds up, even … keep reading ▶