Colton receives a 2011 Survivor letter from Caleb

Survivor's Colton Cumbie and Caleb Bankston

Someone who worked in Survivor casting sent Colton Cumbie a letter from his first season on the show: it was a note from his fiance, Caleb Bankston, who died this summer. Caleb wrote to Colton in 2011, during production of Survivor One World, two years before Caleb and Colton would be on Survivor Blood vs. Water together. It was held by … keep reading ▶

Top Chef’s literary sausage party

Padma Lakshmi and Rob Gronkowski on Top Chef

As one of the two remaining female chefs observed, Top Chef Boston has turned into somewhat of a sausage party, so to celebrate, the producers had the chefs literally make sausage. Then the producers had them turn literature into food. It was a fun episode. Size matters New England Patriots' tight end (heh) Rob Gronkowski was the guest judge … keep reading ▶