Another thrown Survivor challenge backfires beautifully

Survivor Worlds Apart Joaquin and Rodney

I love when plans go awry on Survivor. That may explain why, during Tribal Council, when Jeff Probst asked Sierra, "Why not stick together for a couple more votes?", I wanted someone to scream back, Why not shut up right now k thx? In terms of thrown challenges backfiring, Joaquin's exit is nothing at all like last season's spectacular downfall. … keep reading ▶

Naked and Afraid gets spin-off, Bear Grylls knock-off

Luke and Alyssa on Naked and Afraid

Discovery's hit reality TV series Naked and Afraid is spinning off a new series, while NBC has nearly simultaneously ordered a show, The Island, that sounds extremely similar. When Discovery announced the fourth season of Naked and Afraid, which returns in April, its press release started with, "There have been many copycats, but nothing ever … keep reading ▶

The one good thing on the Shark Tank rip-off Food Fortunes

Food Fortunes Food Network's Shark Tank knock-off

The Shark Tank knock-off that debuted earlier this month, Food Fortunes, is as weak as most Food Network reality shows are lately: an unoriginal idea that's been weakly executed. I love food shows and I love Shark Tank, so I would have loved for this to be the best of both. Instead, you can see the lack of imagination all over the screen. There … keep reading ▶