How Frankie absolutely “crushed it” on Big Brother

Frankie Grande evicted from Big Brother

A pre-taped "live" Big Brother eviction gives Julie Chen the opportunity to pretend like we don't all know what's about to happen, and gives the still-dominant alliance a chance to evict Frankie Grande while a fake audience cheers. But first, the houseguests have to all replay the mashed-up faces veto competition. A quipcap of Tuesday night's … keep reading ▶

A pre-season Quest promo spoiled the entire show and no one noticed

The Quest promo spoiler

A pre-season promo for The Quest showed the order of elimination of all of the contestants, and no one appears to have noticed until now. The footage shows the paladins kneeling and lifting their heads, a moment that happens in the finale after Lina won and assembled the sun spear. Even more bizarrely, in one version of the trailer, the footage … keep reading ▶