Why stripping down made Untucked even better

Untucked Trixie Mattel, aka Brian Firkus

The companion series to RuPaul's Drag Race has been demoted to a day-after, online-only series, but the stripped-down version is proving to be even more compelling than the version that aired on television. Thinking about Untucked also helps take my mind off last week's bullshit elimination. Episodes of Untucked start in media res, as RuPaul … keep reading ▶

The one reality show I applied for

Andy Dehnart on Auckland's Sky Tower's SkyWalk

I was just wondering if you have ever applied to any reality tv show? Would you like to be a contestant in any reality, or be the subject of a docu-reality series? Just curious! --Francisco I've applied to one show: The Mole season two. That story in a minute. As to the other questions, the answer is probably not. I'll never say never; I like … keep reading ▶

Cyclone Pam devastates Vanuatu, which hosted Survivor

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam

A category five cyclone devastated Vanuatu over a 24-hour period earlier this month, and relief organizations have asked for help this week. Cyclone Pam hit the island nation March 13 with sustained winds of 155 mph, and it was one of the most-intense storms ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. In Port Vila, 90 percent of the buildings were … keep reading ▶