Survivor 31 and 32 location: Cambodia, on Koh Rong

Survivor 31 location Cambodia Koh Rong

Cambodia will host Survivor's 31st and 32nd season, which will film this spring and summer on Koh Rong, an island off the coast in the Gulf of Thailand that has been used by international productions of the series. Production on both CBS seasons will be from March through July. Koh Rong is where Koh-Lanta, France's Survivor, was filming when a … keep reading ▶

Make deal on Shark Tank, back out, profit

ABC's Shark Tank

That some entrepreneurs go on Shark Tank for the publicity, not a deal, is not a surprise. The sharks even call some people out on that, like those who insanely overvalue their companies or ask for way too much money, ensuring they don't get a deal. But while as many as half of all deals fall apart during due diligence, some entrepreneurs make … keep reading ▶

My 51 favorite Survivor stories

Survivor 30 Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett at Paley Center

Survivor begins its 30th season tonight, and this felt like a good occasion to look back through the archives of all my Survivor coverage from 15 years. There were more than 1,700 stories and posts, … keep reading ▶