What John Oliver missed about patent trolls and Shark Tank

Last Week Tonight John Oliver Marshmallow polar bear broken penis

John Oliver's central story on Last Week Tonight was about patent trolls and how problematic they've become. As with all the feature stories on the HBO series, it made a compelling argument using both humor and evidence. The segment opened with a montage of clips showing several of Shark Tank's stars expressing concern about an entrepreneur's lack … keep reading ▶

Mark Burnett’s beard, and strategy, finally explained

Mark Burnett beard before and after

Mark Burnett has explained the origin of his distinctive beard, and also discussed how he's become such a prolific producer of high-quality, frequently popular reality television. The Mark Burnett beard origin story First, the most-important answer. In an interview with AdWeek, Burnett describes why he grew his facial hair. Honestly, though, his … keep reading ▶