Thoughts on Bruce Jenner’s new E! show, KUWTK, and ABC interview

Bruce Jenner interview ABC News

The Bruce Jenner interview that followed Shark Tank on ABC tonight was, quite simply, a must-watch. He explained what he has known for most of his life, and what has been rumored, joked about, and used as an insult in recent years: "I am a woman." Here are my unformed thoughts after watching the two-hour special, which was not at all padded, but … keep reading ▶

There was far more verbal abuse on Survivor than we saw

Survivor Worlds Apart Jenn Brown on verbal abuse

The constant barrage of verbal abuse we've seen on Survivor Worlds Apart is just a fraction of what actually happened, according to Jenn Brown, who was voted out this week. Earlier this season, Jenn said, "This would suck less if the people sucked less." The reality was that the people sucked more.  In her CBS exit interview, Jenn insists, "I … keep reading ▶

Terrific Survivor episode, horrific behavior, ugh

Survivor Worlds Apart Jeff Probst auction

That was an exceptional, highly entertaining episode of Survivor Worlds Apart. That was also an awful, highly disturbing episode of┬áSurvivor. It ended with a survivor of domestic abuse being verbally berated at Tribal Council while everyone else just sat there, including the host and producer. It left me with the kind of gross feeling that … keep reading ▶